general rules

PSR TEAM is not obliged to reimburse the rents if the tracks are being closed for the (remaining) rental period due to an accident or unexpected weather conditions.

Scope of the rental

  1. The rent includes, if applicable: circulation taxes, coverage of own damages (with the exception of the excess), lubricant, consumption of tyres. Fuel consumption is not included in the rent and shall be borne by the lessee.
  2. The vehicle odometer reading is a decisive factor in determining the number of kilometers driven. PSR TEAM must be informed immediately if the odometer is broken or if the seal is damaged.
  3. If PSR TEAM is not immediately informed of any defect, it shall be entitled to charge a distance of 600 km per rental day.

The same is true if the odometer or the seal is deliberately damaged by the lessee.


III. The lessee’s obligations

  1. Once the rental agreement is signed, the signatory is legally bound and it is impossible to transfer the agreement to any third party. It is strictly forbidden to let non-lessees drive the vehicles, to allow them as passengers or to transport any objects.
  2. The lessee certifies that he has examined the technical condition of the vehicle prior to the rental start date. The renting of the vehicle by the lessee implies the latter’s agreement on the technical condition thereof. As from the moment of acceptance by the lessee, PSR TEAM shall no longer be liable for any technical defect resulting in a loss of enjoyment.

In case of any damage to the bodywork or paintwork, the lessee should make a specific reservation prior to the rental start date.

  1. The lessee must handle the vehicle with due diligence, in compliance with the technical instructions and operational guidelines. Instructions from the officials are to be strictly observed. The lessee is to check the oil and water levels and tyre pressures on a regular basis during the rental period (or must have them checked). The lessee is not authorized to make or order any changes to the rented vehicle.

The vehicles may only be refuelled at the stations as indicated by PSR TEAM.

  1. Maximum number of revolutions 6.500

If a higher speed is generated (inadvertent switching, driving error), PSR TEAM shall be entitled to check engine operation for any damage at the lessee’s expense. If the engine has been damaged during operation, and the client has generated a higher rev speed than recommended, it is agreed that the damage has been caused by the client, and the latter shall pay the costs thereof to PSR TEAM, upon first request.

  1. Before or during the rental period, the lessee must not use any drugs or alcohol, smoke or take medication. Driving the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or medication, in a state of alcohol intoxication, while being drunk, or recklessly is strictly forbidden. PSR TEAM shall decide at its sole discretion and without any recourse whether any of the above situations has occurred and may decide to unilaterally terminate the rental agreement to the lessee’s prejudice.
  2. Any damage to tyres or wheels as a result of improper use shall be charged to the lessee.
  3. The lessee shall not hold any right on the damaged parts and/or the damaged vehicle if he is obliged to pay the damage caused to the vehicle.
  4. In case of any damage, even in situations where no third party is involved, the lessee is to inform PSR TEAM immediately. PSR TEAM shall exclusively decide the measures to be taken (repairs, towing, etc.).

PSR TEAM’s obligations

  1. PSR TEAM shall deliver the vehicle in an acceptable, clean, operating and safe condition, equipped with good tyres and with undamaged safety cell and various components sealed.
  2. The lessee certifies that, prior to the rental start date, he has received a detailed description of the technical features and operation of the vehicle, including some information on the aquaplaning risk in wet weather as a consequence of the tyre width, and instructions on how to deal with that.
  3. If during the rental period, repairs are required without fault on the part of the lessee, he must return to the pits where PSR TEAM shall have the repairs performed without delay, if possible.

Insurance-waiver of recourse-liability

  1. The lessee has been informed of the fact that he/the rented vehicle is not insured against civil liability, but that every participant in the event, including himself, is obliged prior to the rental start date to sign a waiver of recourse with respect to any possible liable person/signs a waiver of recourse with respect to any other possible liable person. The rented vehicle is insured for own damages, with an excess as specified in chapter I, to be borne by the lessee.
  2. The lessee certifies that he is aw are of the fact that coverage will be excluded in case of malicious intent, gross error, driving in a state of alcohol intoxication, while being drunk or while under the influence of drugs.
  3. If the insurer refuses to grant coverage, the lessee shall be liable for the damage and not PSR TEAM
  4. It is forbidden for the lessee to make any statement whatsoever to third parties, acknowledging his liability for damages caused to third parties.
  5. The lessee irrevocably renounces any damage claims against PSR TEAM on account of any accident or damage situation for all damages, including but not limited to physical, non-material or material damages to himself or to third parties. He certifies that he will indemnify PSR TEAM against any third-party claim in this respect.
  6. The lessee is liable towards PSR TEAM for any non-compliance with his contractual obligations, as described hereinabove in chapter II and III.

Modifications to the agreement –applicable law- jurisdiction –nullity

  1. Modifications to this agreement, if any, should be made in writing.
  2. This agreement shall be governed solely by Belgian law; only the courts of Brussels (as the case may be the Justice of the Peace court, the Court of First Instance, or the Commercial Court) will have jurisdiction to take cognizance of any differences relating to this agreement.
  3. The nullity of one provision of this agreement shall not entail the nullity of the other provisions.

Thus, agreed in Brussels, Belgium – 28/02/2020

In two authenticated copies, either party acknowledging that it has received one copy thereof.